March 24, 2023

Ashley Dunn-Bratcher shared her life story with netizens. It is impossible to remain indifferent, having learned what this strong woman had to go through. Until the age of 6, Ashley did not differ from her peers, but everything changed when her father left the family.


The girl suffered a hard divorce of her parents, and then it turned out that her mother did not need her at all. Ashley’s mother did not pay due attention to her daughter, and Ashley was raised by a nanny.

The situation worsened when the girl’s nanny began to pester her. Ashley could not tell her mother about her feelings, hoarding resentment in herself. Ashley soon began to gain weight. Ashley decided to share her story when she was 27 and raised her 5 year old son alone.

The woman said that the boy helped her with the housework: he heated up food, threw things into the washing machine, and cleaned the house. Ashley herself was unable to do her homework.


She always sat on the couch and hardly left the house. Her back pain prevented her from standing and moving around. The woman whose life has turned into hell decided to have an operation to make her stomach smaller.

Ashley managed to lose more than 100 kg in a year. Today she weighs 226 kg. The woman is pleased with the result, but understands that this is not the limit of her dreams. Ashley is not going to stop there.

Dunn-Bratcher also said that the operation on the stomach is not such an easy decision and gave her a lot of trouble, but today Ashley does not regret her decision, because she can afford what was inaccessible to her for many years.

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