March 24, 2023

Everyone is used to seeing celebrities beautiful and fit. These are people who must meet certain standards of beauty. Many are wondering what would celebrities look like if they gained a lot of weight? Let’s see what they would look like in this case.


A. Jolie

The actress has always stood out for thinness and it is worth recognizing that such an image is unusual for her!

L. DiCaprio

Despite the fact that sometimes Leo can gain excess weight from time to time, he still remains handsome, and an additional 20-30 kg would not do him any good.


J. Aniston

The actress has always looked after her figure and being overweight doesn’t suit her!

J. Depp

Surprisingly, the actor looks quite cute and funny in this image.

J. Roberts

She wouldn’t look bad if she gained weight.

K. Reeves

In this case, the extra weight is actually redundant.

B. Pitt

Being overweight would have aged the actor.


D. Radcliffe

With extra pounds, he looks like an actor who ruined his career.

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