March 24, 2023

British actor and handsome blond Daniel Craig have been happy with his chosen one for more than ten years. His wife is an Englishwoman and Hollywood star Rachel Weisz, whom James Bond met on the set long before their romance.


The couple was legally married in 2011, and before that, they were considered good friends for many years. Back in the mid-90s, the actors played lovers in one of the performances. Later, when both had already conquered Hollywood Olympus, they often crossed paths at events and celebrations.

“Their relationship system” failed during the filming of the thriller “Dream House”, in which both Craig and Weiss took part. Romantic feelings broke out, and this time they could not resist each other. Both broke off relations with previous passions and almost immediately registered a marriage. Since then, the Hollywood couple has been leading a closed lifestyle, and almost nothing is known about their daughter, who born in 2018, to the press.

And while Craig seems happy, many don’t understand why he chose Weiss. Fans are perplexed how a blue-eyed, charming, and pumped-up actor could marry an inconspicuous “gray mouse” with a boring and monotonous expression on his face.

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