March 24, 2023

One day, Anna saw a sincere post of a special guy on the Internet. Grisha told Network users how hard it is for him to live, what he feels and how he copes with his daily duties.


Anna was imbued with the stranger’s post and decided to write him a private message. Soon a friendly messaging turned into a love.

Grisha was born an ordinary child, but soon the boy’s parents noticed that Grisha had stopped growing and could barely move his legs. It turned out that the boy had spinal muscle atrophy.


Anna made her choice: becoming the wife of a special man. Now Anna is carrying her husband in her arms, brushing her teeth, etc. Anna and Grisha are the parents of a wonderful boy. Fortunately, the baby did not inherit his dad’s feature.

Would you take such a responsible step? Would you connect your life with a special person?

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