March 24, 2023

Many are familiar with Ira Brown, who became a popular model at the age of two.


The parents of the baby often heard from others that their baby looked like a doll. So when she was two years old, they sent her pictures to various modeling agencies.

One modeling agency offered them a curious photo shoot. The girl was presented as a Barbie doll. These pictures instantly spread on the Web and received a record number of responses from different countries.

Many people were not entirely sure whether this was a real girl or a doll. Since then, she has become famous. There were crowds of fans who were simply delighted with the girl. I wonder if Ira herself understood what was happening at that time? Although she became famous at the age of 2, the girl lost her childhood, because she spent all her time on film sets.


However, as she grew older, her appearance changed and she looked less and less like a doll. Thus, interest in the young model faded as quickly as it appeared.

Today, 11-year-old Ira looks like all her peers. The girl is not upset that she had to say goodbye to her modeling life. But she left a few doll pictures for memory on her page on social networks.


Many condemn the baby’s parents, but they can also be understood. They wanted only the best for their child. Now that their daughter has become more mature, she will be able to decide for herself what to do and who to become in the future.

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