March 24, 2023

The famous actor Bruce Willis celebrated his 65th birthday. Despite his age he remains in a good shape and continuos to act in action films.


Soon the actor will appear on the screen of the movie “McLain”. Willis will play the savior of McLane, who saved a large number of people from the terrorists who seized the building.

The actor does not like to talk about his personal life, but we hace collected some information about his wifes and daughters.

Willis’s first wife was famous Demi Moore. Demi Moore wasn’t popular when she married Willis. She was just starting her career. Many critisised their union, saying that their marriage would not last long, as Willis was known for his addiction to a wild lifestyle.


However Willis became an exemplary family man. The couple was a role model for 11 years. They had 3 daughters. But the couple divorced. Later Willis had affairs with famous actresses and singers. He wasn’t going to marry but then 10 years later he met a model from England.

Her name was Emma Heming. The model was much younger than the actor. Their age difference was 23 years! Handsome Bruce could not resist the youth and beauty of the model and began to flirt with her.


Their relationship ended in marriage. Willis’ s young wife gave birth to two daughters. Now the actor is the father of five daughters. Emma managed to get along with elder daughters of Willis. They spend time together and celebrate family celebrations.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming are happy. They are raising children. The actor is still busy with his career, and his wife devoted herself entirely to family and children.


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