March 24, 2023

It won’t be news to anyone that 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez is in amazing shape.


The other day, the singer blew up the Internet again, but this time not because of music or performance, but because of publications on her social networks. The photo shows that, despite his age, J. Lo is in excellent shape. In the picture, the actress poses in a tight-fitting pink tracksuit with her hair pulled back into a bouncy ponytail.

Jennifer also shared a video of her exercising. The star has stated many times that she is attached to fitness training, as she carefully monitors her figure, and also sits on a strict diet. This time the Hollywood star advertised the Body Armor energy drink. Posing, Lopez showed off her sexy booty close-up.

The Hollywood star is very popular and famous, and therefore, various brands of clothing, cosmetics, and body care products often invite her to participate in their advertising campaigns.

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