March 24, 2023

Despite her 20+ year career and global acclaim from critics and fans alike, she is still embarrassed by camera flashes and awkward on red carpets. Her beauty and charm can only be envied, and her ability to wear simple things with royal chic can only be learned.

It’s hard to believe, but today the red beast from “Pretty Woman” turns 52. However, it seems that time has absolutely no power over her: she still smiles radiantly at us from television screens, continues to delight us with her roles, and just astounds us with her luxurious images.

In the film Julia Roberts, the roles of seductive beauties with a perfect sense of style were often given. What is the famous “Pretty Woman” worth, which made the still-unknown Julia one of the main rising stars of Hollywood? A naughty redhead of hair, a brilliant smile, and her own, unlike anyone else’s manner of dressing with an admixture of masculinity – this is what, perhaps, distinguished Roberts from the crowd of the same girls at that time.
Her style of clothing has changed along with her rapid ascent into the world of cinema. From denim, grunge shoes, and oversized men’s suits to feminine dresses and bodycon silhouettes, Julia Robert’s style evolution is visible even to the naked eye. However, in any clothes, she knows how to present herself, demonstrating her individuality. Isn’t that a real talent?

No complex cuts, piling up of details, or layering: now Julia Robert relies on classic silhouettes, minimalism in execution, and a basic range of shades. Do not mind trying on the star and things from the male shoulder: trouser suits or elongated jackets are the real favorites of the actress.

In honor of the birthday of Julia Roberts, we have collected her best exits to demonstrate that with great desire and colossal work on yourself, even at 52 you can look 30.

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