March 24, 2023

Marilyn Monroe’s close friend Frieda Hull managed to keep these exclusive photographs safe for years. Hull felt proud that she was able to keep the secret of the film actress for the rest of her life. Frida passed away in 2014.


 Photos of Marilyn, along with Frida Hull’s belongings, went up for auction.
The new owner of these pictures was a certain Tony Michael, who had friendly relations with the former owner of the unique frames, Frida.

From the lips of Tony Hull, Michael learned that Monroe was captured in these pictures when she was in an interesting position.

An understandable female dream to experience the happiness of motherhood for Marilyn turned out to be unrealizable. The actress has lost her baby. She lived her pain all alone.
According to Frida, the child’s father was Yves Montand.

At the time of filming, the actress was 34 years old.

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