March 24, 2023

Meet Ava Maria and Leah Rose from California! The birth of girls was awaited by their parents and their relatives. The girls are now seven years old. They grew up and became real beauties.


Becoming social network stars, they won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. Girls are unearthly beautiful. The combination of blue eyes and hair of an interesting shade gives their faces an angelic look. Girls are in always in the center of public attention.

Many advised parents of the girls to send their photos to a modeling agency. The twins’ mom, Jacqui Clementes, has opened an Instagram account for them, regularly posting their photos. The girls have become real internet stars.

The girls’ modeling career began at the age of seven! Now they are already 12 and they collaborate with fashion magazines and global brands.


The beautiful sisters have a 14-year-old brother who also works as a model. Let’s wish them good luck and advancement in their careers!

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