March 24, 2023

Spouses Charlie and Cullen Worgan from Australia live an ordinary life, run their own business and raise two daughters. The story sounds very ordinary, but the fact is that this family is not quite ordinary.


Cullen Worgan is only 4.4 feet tall and Charlie is 4.1 feet tall. Doctors diagnosed Cullen with hereditary dwarfism. And his wife has a completely different problem, connected with the underdevelopment of long bones – “achondroplasia”.

So far, 27-year-old Charlie and 38-year-old Cullen have not faced any serious problems due to their diagnosis. They exercise regularly and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. A positive attitude and faith in the best help them overcome life’s difficulties.


Doctors warned spouses that their children could inherit the unfavorable heredity of their parents. However, this did not stop them. Unfortunately, the fears of the doctors were justified. The eldest daughter inherited her mother’s disease, and the younger daughter – the dwarfism of her father.

“We are the same as everyone else. Of course, there are times when they look at us strangely, as if we are not from this planet, but we are already used to this. We do not get upset and try to treat everything with understanding and ease” said the woman.

The family has no financial problems. Cullen has her own mini-business, and her husband works for a large telecommunications company.

The spauses opened an Instagram account and they often share photos from their daily life.

What do you think about the family?  Lets wish them good health and a lot of happiness! They deserve it!





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